United against all forms of bullying,
cyberbullying and violence against women.


The Penelope Foundation fights all forms of bullying, cyberbullying and violence against women. To promote real and effective change, the Foundation is committed to improving services for those who have suffered violence, on “survivor” women, changing the behavior of the younger generations and encouraging other actors to act directly especially in restoring self-esteem. The Foundation was founded in Liechtenstein to ensure maximum transparency of the work and above all the control of income and donations and above all on how the available funds are used.

A close relationship between the various partners is what the Penelope Foundation wants to build and is fundamental in its approach. Adapting quickly and effectively to the needs of all stakeholders and the organisations with which it collaborates and supports, it makes its network available and has a positive impact to end all forms of gender-based violence. Organizing events, dinners, but also playful and fun moments is our core business. Penelope will also be godmother of many awards related to sports, music and celebs.

Central to the importance is to provide crucial support to victims who have survived violence.
The Penelope Foundation aspires to become one of the leading philanthropic actors in the fight against violence against women and bullying in all its kinds. By collaborating with local and international NGOs that put women victims of violence and those who have suffered bullying at the center of their actions, the Foundation provides them with personalized support to strengthen the programs by directly involving its entire network.

Change behaviors by involving young people, using the experiences of older people …
For the Penelope Foundation, effectively eradicating violence against women and all forms of bullying goes beyond supporting people who have experienced violence, it is also crucial to address the root cause of this violence. Strengthened by this conviction, the Foundation has developed prevention actions aimed at children and young adults. By sharing feminist principles with younger generations, the Foundation seeks to transform harmful gender norms and attitudes. At the same time, it continues its commitment to fight incest and break the intergenerational cycle of violence and the silence that pervades it. Working on self-esteem we strongly believe that these plagues can be defeated.


Another objective is to be present in more countries, thus allowing the Penelope Foundation to collaborate with international non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs, celebrities and the entertainment world in favor of innovative pilot initiatives that cover unmet needs. Once the effectiveness of these initiatives has been demonstrated, the Foundation also promotes their development through direct dissemination activities (Awards). In an effort to strengthen local organizations, the Foundation also works alongside several Funds for women, bullying and cyberbullying, with the aim of promoting skills at community level.

Working together for a more effective impact

The Penelope Foundation is committed to changing behaviours and attitudes and raising awareness of the violence suffered by women and young people, both in Penelope and in society at large. By mobilizing the extensive network of collaborators of the enormous network of knowledge derived from the Icon Holding SA Group and Never Say Die SA and other companies, the Penelope Foundation is committed to promoting a supportive work environment, where women victims of domestic violence and those who have been bullied, can be heard and helped.

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Penelope Foundation


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